Hacktoberfest 2018

October 28, 2018 Open Source

This year’s Hacktoberfest gave me a passion to do some work for open source again. Here are my contributions:

  • gabolaev/crypterma
    • Make Python sources compilant with PEP8, improve README (#1)
  • jbenua/Summarize
    • Add support for summarizing float numbers (#1)
  • reo7sp/drop
    • Specify integrity and crossorigin attributes for CSS to prevent external resource tampering (#1)
  • reo7sp/http-repo
    • Avoid incorrect handling of assert statement in production environment (#2)
  • SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Notes
    • Disable personalized learning when typing note text (#227)
  • mtrempoltsev/msu_cpp_lectures
    • Spelling and punctuation fixes (#2)

I didn’t receive a T-shirt from the previous Hacktoberfest due to some delivery problems unfortunately. Kotis Design kindly suggested to send a replacement, but there was nothing of my size left. Hope to get one this time!

Update: see it on my Twitter!

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