Printing Images Side by Side

July 30, 2018 Linux

Some time ago I had to print a lot of images and not to waste too many sheets of paper. “Place two images on the same sheet”, – I thought. But how?

  1. Create a PDF of those images.
  2. Convert it so it has 2 (or as many as you want) images per sheet.

Creating a PDF

First, install imagemagick:

$ sudo dnf install imagemagick

Then you should be able to turn your images into PDF as follows:

$ convert "*.jpg" -quality 100 output.pdf

where 100 is the desired quality of each image and output.pdf is where you want to save the file.

Multiple images per sheet

Install pdfnup:

$ sudo dnf install pdfnup

Then execute the following command:

$ pdfnup output.pdf --nup 2x1 --column false

where output.pdf is the filename you used before.


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