Hello everyone! My name is Nikola. I blog and contribute to open source projects in my free time. I started this blog in order to keep track of my notes and share my experience. Hope it has been useful for someone else :)

Open source


See all on my GitHub repositories page.


Personal preferences


I use the latest Fedora with GNOME everywhere (until Fedora breaks :D). Here are my favorite pieces of software:

  • Linux distro: Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Package manager: pacman (the fastest one IMO)
  • Desktop environment: KDE 4 GNOME 3 (BRING BACK MY COMPIZ)
  • Window manager: i3wm (there’s also sway that supports Wayland)
  • Menu / application launcher: dmenu, rofi (the latter is beautiful)
  • Browser: Chromium (I used to use Firefox in the past, though)
  • File manager: Nautilus (not that tool named GNOME Files!) / PCManFM
  • Text editor: nano (vi* users, just pass by)
  • Terminal: GNOME Terminal, termite
  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA
  • Music player: DeaDBeeF, VLC
  • Password manager: KeePass (Mono GUI is so fancy)
  • Partition manager: GParted
  • Torrent client: Transmission (-gtk)
  • Static site generator: Hugo (look around!)
  • SQL database: SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Initialization system: systemd
  • Build system: Gradle, Meson, CMake


These are my favorite ones:

  • Go - for simplicity, statically linked binaries and generics
  • Kotlin - a better Java
  • Python - because it has Zen

I’ve left Java for Kotlin, that’s why it is not listed.


I usually stick to using a permissive Apache 2.0 license, but may also use some sort of GPL if I want to ensure the code of the derived works is open source too.


My current work machine is HP ProBook 440 G5, a pretty powerful laptop that is capable of running dozens of emulators (also, it has a cool stickers on its top). There is also a lot of various Android devices here and there. I used to use Cyanogenmod, but now I prefer stock Google ROMs.


All views expressed here on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.

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